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14 May 2013

I think this Edinburgh Napier’s Bachelor in Business Management degree programme is really good. The price is right, the location is good, the one year duration is just right, and the lecturers and tutors were really good. I enjoyed all the classes and I’ve learnt a lot from it. It has really opened my mind to the way an organization is run and managed. All the modules were interesting and relevant.

Mr Winsley Hitie, (BA Business Management Student, Intake 2)

13 May 2013

The relationship with my supervisors has been excellent and the advice and support provided by them and other visiting professors were pivotal to the development and writing of my research proposal. I have learnt to look at things from different and broader perspectives. I have also benefited from the open sharing of ideas and insights by my doctoral classmates during the seminars.  Those debates and exchanges of thoughts have broadened my views and encouraged my critical thinking from totally new angles, apart from that of conventional wisdom. Overall, this doctoral journey has been an inspiring and enriching experience. It is well worth the time and efforts. I will strongly recommend this programme to those who wish to embark on the doctoral journey.

- Ms June Neo, (Council for Private Education Registered PEI Lecturer) PhD in Management Candidate, Singapore