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Amber 45 is the next upcoming brand new condo coming into district 15 in the near future.Stay tuned for latest advice including pricing, floorplans, unit mixes and condo facilities.

Amber 45 was a horticultural and gardening retail center and is between The Shore Residences as well as The Seaview.

UOL group bought the Amber 45 Condo site during 2016 at a high price of S$156m, and the great news is that it is a freehold unit at the Marine Parade/Amber Road region according to the Business Times.

Nearby private residential pricing

The hottest non-landed rates for Amber Road in district 15 arrived at S$1,355 psf in Oct 2017 accordingto Squarefoot. In comparison to 10 years past where prices were S$1,281 psf, prices have climbed by roughly 6 percent. In an annualized basis, that will be approximately 1% thereabouts.

Considering the way the us government executed many rounds of heating measures throughout the previous 5 years to slowed down cost increase on the current market, it’s notable that prices at the district are within an up trend.

The coming Thomson East Coast Line may even improve connectivity to occupants in the region.

As stated by UOL who bought the toddlers out of the previous owners, then they have been meaning to adapt about 190 apartment components at a 22-storey block.

Prices for encircling developments like The Sea View are between S$1,515 into S$1,760 an average of during the previous six months, translating into a estimated rental return of 2.6 percent.

Even the Shore Residences enrolled an amount selection of S$1,422 into S$1,534 throughout the previous a few months, translating to a estimated rental return of 3.5 percent.

Around the trail will be Amber Residences at which prices have now enrolled S$1,376 into S$1,496, suggesting a rental return of 2.9 percent.

Further in the future are just two marginally older condo improvements, The Estaalong with One Amber.

More about the neighbours prices

The Esta had prices between between S$1,401 to S$1,598 throughout the previous a few months, indicating a return of 2.8 percent, while One Amber needed prices of S$833 into S$1,602, suggesting a rental return of 2.9 percent.

From such comparables, it is noted that pricing for relatively fresh condominums from the instantaneous Amber Road area are all about the S$1,500 psf assortment.

A brief jump provides you into the East Coast shore for each day outside of pleasure together with close friends and family.

Maybe not much down may be that the Sports Hub and also Singapore Indoor Stadium that can interest concert and sports fans.

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